Get your personal cloud computer in the cloud


How it works

Sixa finds the closest and most appropriate computer for user needs. Users benefit by having access to a platform that has a far greater geographical coverage than existing cloud services

  • Decentralized computer
  • < 13ms Distributed Network Latency
    > 30ms Latency with Amazon AWS
    Your location
    Decentralized computer 5ms
    Decentralized computer 5ms
    Decentralized computer 5ms

    High Speed Internet Connection

    Download and upload files in seconds with Sixa computers’ high-speed internet connections.

    USB over a network

    USB devices plug into your personal cloud computer as the Internet becomes the cable transmitting the signal. Compatible with flash drives, phones, printers, scanners, gamepads, cameras, and more.

    Build any custom
    software environments

    Depending on the task, you can choose a set of preinstalled applications and get your personal cloud computer ready to work from the first start without spending your time on software setup.

    Launching your personal cloud computer is as easy as 1-2-3

    • Create an account Terms of service and Privacy policy
    • Choose a computer With preinstalled applications and needed perfomance
    • Start Working Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device