Sixa is a full computer that operates right from the cloud via a client app. It supports various devices and is capable of running the most demanding applications. With Sixa users can easily deploy a cloud computer optimized for different tasks and access a powerful virtual computer without hardware upgrades.
The Company was founded in September 2015 with HQ in San Francisco, CA, USA.
Sixa is your personal computer in the cloud, offering:
  • Custom computers for developers, designers, and gamers.
  • Pre-installed software for various use cases
  • USB support
  • Transparent and straightforward pricing with hourly billing.
At Sixa, we are passionate about making virtualization technologies available to everyone with no need to continually buy or upgrade hardware.



At Sixa, we believe that good decisions can come from anywhere. Hence, one of our favorite corporate traditions is gathering together for a barbecue in our office yard, where everybody’s voice can have an impact.

We value our diversity and are happy not to be just a bunch of individuals, but a real Team with a fun and productive working environment.

Mykola Minchenko CEO Mykola is the Founder and CEO of Sixa, overseeing strategic management. He has over 15 years of software engineering, project management, and team leadership experience across many industries with corporate players worldwide. Before starting Sixa, Mykola co-founded a SaaS Object recognition startup and led its successful exit. Heavy virtualization user from 2002.
Ievgen Nechaiev CTO Ievgen is the Co-Founder and CTO of Sixa. With over 20 years of experience in software engineering, he is utilizing his extensive background as a developer to lead the technical development of Sixa and advocate for our engineering philosophy. Ievgen previously built a survey platform that is currently used by the Israel Institute of Sociology.
Vitalii Pyvovarov Software Development
Team Lead
In his role, Vitalii directs our software development team to help solve complex technical performance challenges. As a seasoned team lead, he has in-depth 20+ years’ experience in a wide range of development fields, including wireless VR, home automation, PC applications, embedded software etc.
Kateryna Kondrunina Business Development As a bizdev executive, Kate is focused on capturing the growth opportunities for Sixa. Prior to joining the company, she worked in the corporate governance field, including proxy advisory at Glass, Lewis & Co. She also served as a member of the international nonprofit organization management team (8 years) and was involved in various OECD, UN, EU projects.
Kostiantyn Viatkin QA Team Lead Kostiantyn leads the Quality Assurance team and maintains quality-related processes, including testing and support. He started his career in 2011 as a QA engineer and has worked in leading QA roles for telecommunications operators and home automation system companies.
Andrew Volovyk Design Andrew is a multidisciplinary designer with applied math background. Has 11+ years of experience in software engineering, data science and data visualization, full-stack web and product design. Award-winning UI designer. Has a track of 70+ completed digital products for startups and big enterprise companies.