Looks and feels local. Takes up zero space.

Sixa computers deliver stunning performance for business and entertainment needs. The unique solution provided by Sixa’s cloud computers takes no space on your hard drive and looks just like your personal device.
easy IDE setup

Setup & Share Your Dev Environment in 5 min

The testing process can result in lost clients when clients refuse or are unable to install your product. With Sixa’s cloud computers, clients can test the product within minutes in the cloud environment by clicking an embedded link in emails or on websites.
Remove installation

Get Your Product to Potential Users for Testing without the Hassle of Installation

Social media is a useful tool for devs and Sixa cloud computers make it easier to reach your target audience. Your embedded link can be used anywhere online. Quickly provide an online environment for all potential users to experience your software without the hassle of installation.

Developers love Sixa because they can still use software and services they love.

  • Choose favorite apps Download your favorite software to Sixa quickly and begin using it right away.
  • 3D modeling and rendering Sixa’s powerful cloud computer systems make 3d modeling and rendering a breeze with fast, top-of-the-line graphics.
  • Video editing Enhance videos using your favorite software in a high-speed cloud environment and never worry about loss due to computer crashes.
Developers plan

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  • Intel Xeon E5-2670 v3
  • (Haswell) Processor
  • NVIDIA GPUs 1,536 CUDA cores
  • 4Gb of video memory
  • 8 vCPU
  • 15 Gb RAM
  • 100 Gb SSD Disk
1.12/hour + $12/mo storage fee